Make Room For Truman Donates to Park Ridge Community Fund

The Park Ridge Community Fund board members dined at Make Room For Truman on October 3. Thanks to the trendy, new restaurant 20% of all food purchases were donated to the PRCF this past Wednesday.

Check them out - the food was delicious!

Front Row, left to right:
Lan Eng, Director
Gail Haller, Executive Director
Cathy Mayer, Secretary
Marilyn Rowan, Director
Millie O'Brien, Director

Back row, left to right:
Kimberly Walters, Director
Judy Donovan, Vice President
Lisa Foster, Director
Anne Dempsey, Director
Gail Wolfe, Director
Marge Erwin, Director
Pat McGuire, Treasurer
Kathy Hirsch, Director
Sheri Roche, President